Safe and Easy Sharing for your Business

Finally, a cloud file-sharing service that lets you have both.

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Extremely secure. Extremely easy.

We’ve been protecting the world’s digital information for over 25 years. Now it’s time to protect yours.

So Secure, It’s Patented

Our patented key encryption methodology, Symantec Multiblind™ Key Encryption, provides a better and more secure way to encrypt your files.

We Scan Before You Share

The only thing worse than receiving a virus is sending one yourself. That’s why Norton Zone proactively scans for viruses and malware before you share them—protecting you and your business.

Extremely secure. Extremely easy.
Built-in Control

Built-in control.
Built-in protection.

Norton Zone lets you control precisely how—and with whom—your business shares its most important files. Don't worry, we even make administration safe and easy—exactly the way you want it.

Management 101

The Norton Zone admin console makes it simple to deploy and provision so you can get started quickly and then add and delete users in a snap.

Rules of Engagement

Use simple yet powerful Norton Zone policy settings to keep your files safe, from defining inactivity timeouts to preventing (or enabling) desktop or mobile syncing.

100% Ownership

Your business owns the data in Norton Zone. It’s yours. Not ours. No exceptions. Not ever.

For Business and Pleasure

Norton Zone has both personal and business editions—for home and work—so your employees control their own personal files and you control the business files.

Totally mobile.
Totally secure.

Employees can’t live...or work without their mobile devices anymore. Which means your file-sharing platform needs to work for mobile without compromising your company’s security. Norton Zone does just that.

Don’t Lose It

If a phone or tablet gets lost or stolen, simply unlink it and all of the files in the Norton Zone folder on that device are immediately wiped clean. The files remain safe in the cloud so you can access them again, once you replace the device.

Take Control

You can require all members to add a passcode before accessing Norton Zone on their mobile device. And you can set policies around mobile content being stored locally on a mobile device.

Collaborate Any Time

Norton Zone lets you do more than just view files from a mobile device. You can actually collaborate from any one of our mobile apps—invite people to share your folders, view recent activities, and even make comments on any file or folder.

Totally Mobile. Totally Secure.
Enterprise Ready

Enterprise ready.*
Enterprise secure.

When it comes to choosing a file-sharing platform for your enterprise, Symantec is the name you can trust. With over 25 years of proven security expertise, we’ve developed enhanced technologies and methodologies to meet your advanced security needs.

Encryption Is The Key

Not only are we the only cloud file-sharing platform with patented Symantec MultiblindTM Key Encryption, we also integrate it with Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) so you can manage the keys yourself—on-premise—to retain control. Most important, even we can’t see your files.

Active Duty

Norton Zone supports the industry standard SAML to enable authentication against Active Directory via an identity provider. Your users will use their corporate credentials and you’ll have added peace of mind knowing that all your users are authenticated and you can provision them quickly and securely.

*For an Enterprise ready solution, please call 1-855-487-1447