Share Safely™

Share a folder with friends, family or co-workers and everyone can access, edit and share anything with you in that folder. And when you put your Stuff into Norton Zone, you can access it across your devices, magically in sync.


Invite many (or one) to share

You can invite as many people as you want to share a folder with you. If you no longer feel like sharing, just remove that person from having access to your folder.

share folder
collaborate with comments

Collaborate with comments

Your collaborators can comment on what you’re sharing making collaboration safer, easier and—dare we say—more fun than ever before.


Don’t share bad things

Norton Zone automatically scans for malware and viruses before anyone downloads any file you’ve shared.

Send any size file through email

Create a link to any file in your zone and email that link to your friends and family. They can easily download the file with one click—no need to think about file size or email restrictions. You can even post a link on your Facebook wall, keeping full control of your files with link expiration and download limit settings.

send large files
mobile file sharing

No-wait sharing

On your mobile phone, you don’t even have to wait for the file to download before you share. Just tap the link icon and send the link to anyone.

On-the-Go Access

Access Norton Zone from your laptop, tablet or smartphone—it doesn’t matter what’s in front of you. You’ll have immediate access to the latest version of all your files in Norton Zone because everything in your zone folder automatically syncs across devices.

Get the Norton Zone app for iOS, Android, and Windows RT

access mobile files
iOS and Android support

Custom designed for your devices

Norton Zone works great on Mac OS, Windows, Windows RT, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Each app is designed to take advantage of the devices’ unique technology and security advantages.

On-the-go everything

You can share from your smartphone or your tablet-invite contributors right from your mobile device. Sort your files by file type. And see a full list of all the activities associated with your Norton Zone account, on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

tablet and mobile access
data security

Safe and Sound

With more than 25 years of experience in protecting people’s digital lives, Norton is the leader in security. As we build our services, we conduct rigorous reviews and tests—like threat modeling, penetration tests, and multiple security audits. Share away on any device because we got your back.

We are in control

We encrypt your files when they’re transferred to our data center, and when they’re stored there. We also manage our own data center—we don’t leave that to anyone else. That way, we can use our expertise and experience in security to keep your data safe.

file encryption
easy and safe privacy

You are in control

In Norton Zone, you own your own data. Your Stuff will always remain yours. And we’ve built in controls that let you manage sharing—on your terms. Add people to share, remove them any time, and manage the links you create.